Family Tree

I began dabbling in genealogy as such when I was just a young girl.  It intrigued and interested me as to how everyone in my family were related and who was who to me and each other.  I remember asking my Mum questions about her brothers and sisters and who they were in relation to me, and about her aunts and uncles and who they were to me etc.  In my late teens, I began jotting basic family trees down on paper and trying to find out from my Grandparents who their brothers and sisters were and what family they had.

Then an uncle on my Dad's side sent me a handwritten tree and I copied it out onto large graph paper and tried to fill in some blanks.

At that time I had no idea how to go about gaining information from places such like Register House or anywhere online.  As mentioned in my Adoption section, I didn't really throw myself into researching my family tree until my birth sister found me - and finding out exactly how to go about collecting facts and information online.

Since then I have completed as best I can my paternal line, reaching back to the 1830's and on my maternal line I have managed to get back to a marriage in 1697!  As yet I only have a basic tree done of my birth line, which may or may not grow further depending on how I feel.